Stinger Hockey Wax

Stinger Hockey Wax

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Stinger Hockey Wax


Once upon a time, hockey became life for two young boys, Knox and Roman.

Their passions fueled them toward big goals both on and off the ice. Motivated to become the best athletes possible, they continuously trained and strategized together.

Life on their bucolic homestead was home to several beehives, and like many budding apiarists, they were swimming in beeswax. With hockey always on the brain, the boys had a eureka moment. The wax should be used on their sticks!

After creating the perfect formula and ensuring great success at the rink, the young entrepreneurs went from teammates to business partners and decided to share their product with you – unless you play for their rivals, of course.

Our wax is (and always will be) handmade using a blend of soft microcrystalline and Pennsylvania beeswax.

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