Unique Home Decor Products Made in the USA

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Gifts - Apparel - Ornaments - Pillows

Unique, high-quality home decor products completely manufactured and designed in the USA from SUEDE KLOTH!

Here at SUEDE KLOTH, we are proud to be American! We are your source for American-made home decor goods. We believe every item in your home should be something you love and that you’re proud of. We believe in quality luxury 100% designed, made, and sourced in America that will last you a lifetime. And we think that you shouldn’t have to compromise on what you want. This is why every item on our site is customizable to fit your home and lifestyle.

SUEDE KLOTH was born out of a passion for quality products made only in the USA. Started by two farm girls, we understand the value of hard work, quality products, and American-made goods. As an American company, we are striving to help strengthen our country through American manufacturing. Each item we make and sell is 100% sourced, made, and shipped in the USA. We hand-pick and design everything from the fabric, thread, and colors. We use only the highest quality, pure materials made from American sources, and each item is hand stitched, ensuring that you will receive a quality product that will last a lifetime.