BBQ Temperature Regulator System

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Grill Accessories
The highest quality charcoal grill temperature control solution from TipTopTemp!

TipTopTemp™ simplifies charcoal grill temperature control, only using a self-adjusting top damper. No batteries to fail, wires to tangle, fans to plug in or apps to buy. Using the time-tested science of bi-metal coils, (think butterfly carburetor and round wall thermostats), the TipTopTemp™ keeps the temperature constant by reacting to the stack temperature of your charcoal grill or smoker.

The same TipTopTemp™ device and a separate accessory designed to fit one of 5 different grill models, (Kettle, Akorn Jr, Akorn Standard, Big Green Egg and Kong/Classic) are included in each TipTopTemp™ package. The package photo and description will indicate which accessory is included. Many of the grills on the market are similar, choose the package that closely resembles your grill.

Manually adjusting grill of vents to maintain temperature is a chore. The TipTopTemp™ damper automatically moves to limit airflow to the coals and thus regulating the grill temperature. While never leave a lit grill unattended, the TipTopTemp™ frees you for other activities without the worry of ruining dinner.

USA-stamped and assembled in Monticello, Minnesota, the TipTopTemp™ is designed to be easily cleaned, and serviced and parts are readily available if needed. The Tip Top Temp website offers product support, questions, and parts.