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Virginia Gold Peanut Coffee


Our owner and founder of Virginia Gold is a 5th generation peanut farmer who never liked the idea that most coffee comes from overseas. So, when he was 23, he invented and patented a completely new kind of "coffee" made of the peanuts he farms right here in the USA!

Peanut Coffee is the world's first caffeinated coffee alternative and the world's first coffee alternative made of peanuts. Both Caffeinated and Caffeine-Free versions are available.

Our new Peanut Coffee product has been featured on radio and television and printed in over 35 popular magazines and newspapers. Peanut Coffee is now in the National Library of Medicine after its health benefits have been studied by the US Government.

There are many small businesses selling coffee being advertised as “local.” As American farmers, we do not understand that. In order for a product to be American-made, it must be farmed in America, not overseas.

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