Zero Carry

The Ultimate Holster for Concealment

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Low Profile Holsters and Magazine Pouches
Streamline your concealed carry with a slim holster from Zero Carry Elite! You just bought a nice slim gun for IWB (In Waistband) concealed carry. Why stuff your sleek gun into a thick, bulky holster?

Zero Carry Elite's unique exoskeleton design removes all the bulk. Its lightweight, minimalistic design simply means you can conceal it better. Most IWB holsters have harsh, square, and sharp edges that are up against your body all day. You will feel it and you won’t like it. Zero Carry Elite has nice, soft, rounded surfaces.

You won’t feel them digging into your body. Featuring built in gun retention, full trigger protection and a concealment enhancing "wing" to prevent printing! All of this is packed into the smallest, lightest, and most comfortable IWB money can buy. It is as slim as your gun and can be worn in any IWB location.

Zero Carry Elite is tough, durable and Made in the USA. Zero Carry is the Ultimate Holster for IWB concealment.