About Woke Companies

A message about 'woke' companies.

We at Mammoth Nation go through great lengths to make sure every vendor we partner with believe in the same ideals we do; faith, family, freedom, America, the 2nd Amendment, and so on.

We also want to remind our members that there are countless businesses that exist who don't believe in these ideals. Instead, they believe in abortion, gun control, more government oversight and less freedoms for American people.

Worse yet, many of these businesses financially contribute towards 'woke' causes and political candidates.

Many of these 'woke' business are often located in Democrat cities who support local, and often federal politicians with liberal agendas. The great irony is that many of these same 'woke' businesses and companies have seen enormous losses due to their beliefs.

One popular 'woke' coffee company even publicly stated that they had to close some locations because they could not guarantee the safety of their own staff workers due to rising crime.  

If you're looking for great coffee that isn't woke, visit our coffee and tea page. You'll find a host of veteran owned, Christian based and/or true patriot coffee companies. We have both online retailers and also brick and mortar retailer locations.

Visit that page by clicking here.

Another tip is to remind you that many online retailers also believe in the 'woke' ideology. These may be more difficult to identify due to the more discrete nature of an online business. 

Many of these 'woke' businesses may not be as vocal or as transparent about their 'woke' ideology. That's the last thing America-loving conservatives want to do is to inadvertently spend their money on a closet woke company. 

That is why we do what we do.

We want to help protect our conservative brothers and sisters and give our members confidence with their shopping (not to mention the great bargains everywhere). 

Next time you come across a new business or organization, ask yourself 'is this a liberal business that will spend my money on causes I strongly oppose?' Because one thing is for sure, there are thousands of businesses who are 'woke' that you don't know about.


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