June Is National Safety Month, An Important Subject To First Responders

We strongly believe in many things; the constitution, God, free speech, the right to bear arms, and so on. And you can add the entire first responder community to the list of things we believe in.

First responders endure some of the most arduous tasks during their shifts.

Firefighters storm into buildings that are engulfed in flames. Police must routinely deal with criminals’ intent on doing them harm. Even EMTs and paramedics who rush into accident scenes never know what to expect.

These are the heroes of our community that keep the rest of us safe. And they are often forgotten about and not nearly thanked enough for what they do – especially the law enforcement officers.

Liberal politicians all over the country vilified the entire law enforcement profession for the actions of a few. But even with all of that, the brave men and women of law enforcement still don the uniform and protect the public regardless of political affiliations. Each one of them understands that every shift could be their last.

This is why we respect, honor, and support everyone in the first responder community. We understand the difficulties they face every day and the burdens they carry as a result of their profession.

It is also why we remind you that June is National Safety Month. Being a first responder comes with extra hazards compared to other professions. In fact, accidents are already a serious issue across the nation.

The National Safety Council (NSC) lists preventable injury as the fourth leading cause of death!

“Based on new injury statistics, an American is accidentally injured every second and killed every three minutes by a preventable event, like a drug overdose, vehicle crash, fall, drowning or another preventable incident. A total of 200,955 people died from preventable injuries in 2020, a more than 16% increase over 2019,” the NSC website states.

Police officers are routinely exposed to extremely dangerous drugs like fentanyl and they can overdose by accidentally coming into contact with it. Virtually every first responder is at an increased risk of vehicle crashes since they must race to accident scenes. And firefighters may fall through floors of a building during a fire.

As part of our commitment to support these heroes, we are proud to contribute to organizations like Folds of Honor, the Wounded Blue, and the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance.

These organizations directly support our heroes, and we proudly support them – because we care.

More on National Safety Month

National Safety Month is something to be taken seriously.

“Since its start, the National Safety Council has been on a mission to promote safety and health,” said Lorraine Martin, president and CEO of NSC. “Regardless of whether you’re on the job, on the roads, in your community or at home, in order to be safe, you must be able to feel safe, and safety means something different for each of us; it’s personal.”

In observance of June as National Safety Month, each week is dedicated to one of four specific areas of safety.

•Week 1: Emergency Preparedness

•Week 2: Slips, Trips, and Falls

•Week 3: Heat-Related Illness

•Week 4: Hazard Recognition

These are all real issues for first responders.

As you continue to enjoy the start of the summer season, remember what June is about. And if you get the opportunity to thank a first responder for their service, take it.

It will make their day.

-Mammoth Nation

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