Pleased To Announce Our Collaboration With Trump Store

We Are Excited And Pleased To Announce Our Collaboration With Trump Store!

The popular Trump Store and we at Mammoth Nation have recently collaborated to serve our membership. 

Trump Store is the official retail website for the Trump organization. They offer hundreds of wide-ranging products all the way from apparel to sporting and home goods to luxury self-care items and everything in between. 

And now we are a feature location to offer their products. The entire Trump Store catalog is now available through our marketplace. We are also excited to announce that our members will receive 15% off all purchases (excluding sale items). 

The decision to collaborate was an easy one. It is a mutually beneficial platform because we serve America's true patriot conservatives who believe in freedom, the constitution and traditional American values. Since our members believe in these same core principles, it only makes sense to offer you special savings found nowhere else. 

We must stick together and find ways to support each other- and this collaboration is a great way to accomplish that. 

Eric Trump, who helped facilitate this new arrangement said, "Trump Store is so excited to partner with Mammoth Nation to bring our customers an elevated shopping experience. We have the greatest customers of anywhere in the world. And teaming up with Mammoth Nation allows them to shop for the products they love on a platform that aligns with their values, patriotism, and freedoms."

We are equally excited about this collaboration because of the great things it represents for our members, conservative Americans everywhere and America herself.

Our spokesman, Drew Berquist, also commented on this arrangement. He said, "President Donald Trump has been de-platformed more times than I can count. Collaboration with Trump Store is about more than just bringing our members the products they love- it's about joining forces as Conservative America to create a parallel economy. The more we unite, the more we win."

Words beautifully spoken. 

As we continue to grow and offer more vetted conservative vendors to our current 600+ vendors, we get closer to fully replacing big box and big tech platforms- many with damaging liberally progressive agendas. 

And with our recent collaboration with Trump Store, we are one big step closer to that goal. 

-Mammoth Nation

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