The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

We all know the basic history of Thanksgiving. Early pilgrim settlers formed a cooperative relationship with local Native Americans. They came together to celebrate over a feast that included a turkey, cranberries, potatoes and pumpkin pie. They maintained this tradition for many years.

Eventually, it became a major United States holiday that carries those same traditions. But it has evolved over the years. 

What was once a meeting of strangers to celebrate good fortune has now became a core family holiday gathering. 

Today, members of the family often travel great distances to be with loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. It has become far more than just having a turkey dinner. It is a chance to re-connect with the family on a much more intimate level. It is the time to forget about any familial differences in order to remember what is most important- each other. 

The Christian faith teaches us to forgive the trespasses from others against us, and Thanksgiving is an extension of that same concept. 

So instead of focusing on what plate of food tastes best, or what Black Friday deal is the most enticing, focus on the most important aspect of Thanksgiving- family. 

So Mammoth Nation wants you to reflect on your Thanksgiving weekend and decide if it met its true intentions. If it has, we want you to expand on that and think about how you can even more thankful for all that you have.

If you feel your weekend fell short on giving thanks, don't wait until next year. Tell your loved ones today how grateful you are to have them in your life. 

That is the true nature of Thanksgiving. More importantly, that is the true nature of the Christian Faith. 

God Bless you and enjoy the rest of your holiday season.


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