Who We Are Pt. 1: We Support Conservative Candidates Who Will Fight

Who We Are Pt. 1: We support Conservative candidates who will fight and we will always be a voice for Conservative Americans everywhere.

We are proud to be America's Conservative Marketplace connecting Conservative shoppers with Conservative merchants, but Mammoth Nation is so much more. We are activists fighting for the entire Conservative community. 

And now we want to tell you all about what we are, how we do things and what our goals are for both our members and America. 

In a three part series, we will break down everything you need to know about our core values and the causes that mean everything to us. We want to give you an inside look into our philosophy, belief system and what motivates us to do what we do. 


Our first CORE VALUE: We support Conservative candidates who will fight for the constitutional rights of all Americans!

America has been suffering from a push of woke liberal policies, but the silver lining is that there are still good quality Conservative political candidates who want to preserve the constitution. These same candidates want what we want - an America built on a foundation of traditional values like free speech, the second amendment, and the constitution. 

What these candidates DON'T want are sexual indoctrination education programs, a medical system that provides gender reassignments to children, and more government oversight that will bankrupt the economy. 

Mammoth Nation supports the conservative candidates that fight for the causes you are passionate about.


One of the ways we support these candidates is to continually remind our members to get out and vote. For example, Wisconsin has an important election coming up that will determine if the State Supreme Court will lean Conservative or liberal. 

As it stands now, it is considered a Conservative panel with a 4-3 majority. However, one Conservative judge is set to retire - leaving the State Supreme Court hanging in the balance. It could go either way as there are candidates for this open seat from both political ideologies. 

So get out and vote and help us save America. 

Tune in for the next part in our CORE VALUE series as we talk about how and why we support the men and women from the farm and ranch industry. They are the backbone of America and keep everything running - so they will always need our support. 

- Mammoth Nation

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