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Alexander PCs, a Veteran-owned custom and gaming PC builder, has been crafting unique systems since 2002 from its base in Chicago's northwest suburbs.

Staffed entirely by US-based team members, this family business proudly partners with leading manufacturers in the PC industry, including NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, ASUS, EKWB, Corsair, MSI, Gigabyte, and others. Alexander PCs is committed to becoming a household name in the PC enthusiast space, and actively seeks to add a distinctly American flavor to its products in a space that typically lacks in that regard.

Central to the company's ethos are four key values: loyalty, enthusiasm, value, and fun. Loyalty is fundamental, manifesting as a dedication to both customers and the company's own principles. The team's enthusiasm springs from a passion for the work and gratitude for the ability to provide for their families by doing what they love. A relentless pursuit of value ensures customers always receive the best products at the best price, while a commitment to fun ensures each customer experience is enjoyable and memorable. It's these feelings that Alexander PCs believes will build a community around its brand and lead the company to success.