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Hawaiian Curly Koa Wood Pens

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Koa Wood Pens

Jimmy Pens was created to fill a creativity void for something that would keep me occupied and entertained and not take weeks or months to finish, like furniture projects. In those days, I was stationed in Japan and began my woodworking by making Japanese-style furniture; an enjoyable, but very time-consuming endeavor. In an effort to find more therapeutic and time-sensitive means of expressing myself, a friend introduced me to pen turning. I quickly fell in love with pen turning and was making pens like a fiend for family and friends. What started as a hobby turned into a business.

After being stationed in Hawaii I fell in love with Hawaiian Curly Koa wood and began supplying pens to some of the expensive boutique mall and resort stores who marked up prices 250% to 300%. I decided to venture off on my own and compete with the mall stores by selling pens at what was my previous WHOLESALE price. The tourists no longer needed to be gouged by the excessive overhead costs of these stores, and now I am bringing my wares to my fellow patriots outside of Hawaii. There aren't many of us here in Lib-Land but they do exist and I do hope our numbers are growing.

I thank you for your patronage, your kind feedback and your continuous support.