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AR Industries LLC

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AR Industries


AR Industries is a retailer of firearms, parts, and accessories. What sets us apart from every other store is that we buy direct from the manufacturer. Whether that manufacturer is Aero Precision, making and selling US-made products, or working with a manufacturer in Turkey to bring in shotguns and a unique: .410 shotgun conversion upper for the AR-15. If it goes on a firearm and improves the design or look of said firearm, we want to sell it!

We pride ourselves on shipping out orders quickly and efficiently. Every employee has worked for, and bought from, dishonest retailers, and we all strive to be far from those examples. We take pride in and work hard to be honest about shipping times and what is available for purchase.

Affordability is king, and our world is global. We do import many parts but are constantly working to support local businesses. (Like ourselves!). If you have a firearm product or idea you want to bring to market, reach out!

While being a relatively new business, we have decades of experience in the industry. With your help, we can continue to bring unique, quality products to the market and expand what we have available.

Thank you!

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