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Custom Pneumatic Gunsmithing

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Airguns - Tuning
Did you know that there are 50 Caliber Airguns with 44 Magnum Power?

26 States have already approved Big Game Hunting with Airguns! (With more states to follow soon!)

Get your custom-built, handcrafted 50 Caliber Airgun and set a New Safari Club International Record (SCI has a brand new Airgun record category).

CAP Arms is a custom Pneumatic gunsmithing shop with patented technology that doubles the factory power of the Seneca Big Bore product line (0.357 through 0.500 caliber). We customize these Seneca Big Bore air rifles by precision machine work and custom craftsmanship to install our patented technology into these handsome, classic hunter airguns.  

We can provide this Hand Crafted, Custom Built power tune for your existing Seneca, OR we can buy a brand new Seneca of your choice and power tune it for you.

Come check out our CAP Arms Store online today!