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Bulletproof Shields, Seat Cushions, Curtains & Wall Art

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Bullet & Blast Resistant Curtains - Bulletproof Seat Cover & Personal Shield - Active Shooter Kits - Bulletproof Security Screens & Shields
From shields and seat cushions to custom curtains and wall art, get discounts on top quality bullet and blast proof products from Armor Upfitters!

Armor Upfitters is a USMC Combat Veteran Owned and Operated manufacturer of exceptionally light, Made in USA, bulletproof shields and curtains based in Katy, Texas. We take the best ballistic raw materials sourced from Honeywell, DSM, and DuPont and create unique, innovative ballistic solutions for police, schools, government offices, and civilians.

While some of our products, like our immensely popular Bulletproof Seat Cushion Shields and Keystone Police Shields, are ready to buy, many of our other products, such as our Bullet and Blast Resistant Curtains and Wall Art, are custom built to customer specifications. Our Mammoth Nation discount applies to all of our products, but you’ll need to call us to order.