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100% Natural Handcrafted Skincare

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Bar Soaps - Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - Lotion & Moisturizer - Face Oil - Aromatherapy Scents - Soap Dishes
Discounts on Organic Soap Made in the USA from All Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils!

Aspen Kay Naturals was born in 2012 in a small kitchen and an even smaller home office. Soap was made for family and friends out of necessity to provide us with high-quality soap that cleansed and nourished the skin and didn't contain any of the junk found in most commercial soaps on the market today.

We no longer make soap or skincare in our kitchen or home, but the same amount of time and love goes into each and every product we make.

At Aspen Kay Naturals, our handcrafted soaps are made the old-fashioned way using the cold process method. Our entire soap and skincare process is done by hand from start to finish, and all our products are handcrafted in the USA.