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Herbal Tinctures - Essential Oils - Colloidal Silver - Cough Syrup - Birth Kits - Hydrosols - Midwife Charts
When it comes to grassroots companies, Silver Sage Herbs is about as organic as it gets. As a busy rural midwife in a low-resource area, I needed every possible tool at my disposal. When commercial herbal tinctures proved not to be as potent as I wanted, I had to make my own. When clients needed problems solved, I created herbal blends that worked incredibly well. Eventually, my herbal lab took over our entire house and is still expanding. I created my own website, and every herb that goes into my blends is also offered on my website as a single tincture.

Soon, other useful health products were added, like colloidal silver and essential oils. Our nano-particle colloidal silver is also made here by my retired physicist husband, but it was obvious to me that making quality oils is a job for the master distillers. Finding the best organic essential oils proved to be a serious challenge, but eventually, I found the organic wholesale distiller that supplies the world's finest perfumeries, and as soon as we tried their products, we knew we had found truly superior oils. Each oil has its own unique distillation protocol and is made to the highest standards in the industry, so I was finally able to create the therapeutic blends that we now sell, along with also offering the oils individually. There went the last inch of space in our house...

Other items on our website include a handcrafted organic cough syrup that kids actually love, pure organic hydrosols, which are true cellular plant distillates, and even advanced-practice maternity care charts which have been developed over many years of birth practice both in and out of hospitals/clinics.

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