Authentic USN, USMC & USAF Fighter, Bomber & Carrier Air Wing Patches

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Patches - Challenge Coins - Ball Caps - Keychains - Lapel Pins - Lanyards
AV8RSTUFF specializes in authentic full color, USN, USMC and USAF fighter, bomber, and Carrier Air Wing related patches, although other types of patches are often available. We also offer challenge coins, ball caps, keychains, lapel pins, lanyards or any other memorabilia you may need for your unit and/or squadron.

As a veteran-owned and operated organization, our goals are to support those still serving while helping those who served previously get the memorabilia they didn’t get when they “were in.”  

“Whitey’s” connections allow AV8RSTUFF the pathways to work directly with the military / LEO / First Responder units, as we “speak your language." We are one of the largest, most popular and most diverse military patch websites, all due to you and thousands like you, so this is our little way of giving back to you.

These unique gifts are guaranteed to make the veteran in your life smile.