Below Sea Level

Handmade, Natural Skin & Hair Care Products

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All-Natural Soaps - Facial Bars & Serums - Lotion Bars - Shampoo & Conditioner Bars - Deodorant - Brushes & Combs
Below Sea Level is a family-owned business specializing in handmade, natural skin and hair care products. Our company started with pH-balanced, solid shampoo and conditioner bars and has grown to facial bars, shaving bars, lotion bars, and natural deodorant.

Solid cleansing bars are quickly replacing traditional skin and hair care products as the demand for earth-friendly and plastic-free packaging rises. Our 5.5-ounce concentrated shampoo bar can replace 4 to 5 plastic bottles of liquid shampoo while saving the customer heaps of money!

We use the highest quality ingredients you can find. The butters and oils are all organic. We make our cosmetics in small batches with skilled techniques to ensure each item remains consistent to our high standards.

We use eco-friendly packaging made in the USA.