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Big Dog Seat Belt Company

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Big Dog Seat Belt Company


Big Dog Seat Belt Company was started by a Volunteer Firefighter EMT…

Domino was only 3 years old when she was thrown from the jeep during the accident that beautiful Sunday morning. Her best friend had buckled her into her seat belt that morning before they started on their short ride. There was evidence on scene that Domino was injured and the seat belt she was wearing had failed. Domino’s best friend had also been injured… when we arrived on scene the young driver was calling out for her dog. Domino was no where to be seen.

While attending to the young drivers injuries she continued to call out for her dog. It was now time to transport the young driver to the hospital… as we approached the back door of the ambulance she threw out her arms blocking herself from entering the ambulance. She was refusing to leave without Domino. She did not care about her own injuries… all she wanted was her dog.

I made a promise to that young lady that I would find her dog if she would let us load her into the waiting ambulance. We never found Domino.

Our mission is to design and build the safest, highest quality seat belt for big dogs and their people.

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