Biggie Bee's Natural Dog Treats

Biggie Bee's Natural Dog Treats

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Biggie Bee’s Natural Pet Treats


Biggie Bee’s treats are organic and holistic based that are made with all natural ingredients sourced in the USA. The brand was created in our kitchen for our pets so they could have fresh and healthy food.

Biggie, our 7 year old Saint/Pyrenees rescue at the young age of 6 months old, was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and a deformity of the leg. When western medicine couldn’t help him we turned to eastern medicine and that is where my passion and love for homeopathy and holistic care bloomed.

We noticed that feeding whole fresh foods along with supplements and homeopathy he could live a normal and pain free life! We also have three newfoundlands that thrive on eating locally sourced cooked foods and fresh baked treats. No more itchy skin or smelly ears!

We hope to share what has worked for us and help your pet thrive.

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