Black Pearl Rubs

Handcrafted & Bold-Flavored Spice Rubs

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Steak/Brisket - BBQ - Black Pepper Cherry - Bourbon BBQ - Cajun BBQ - Caribbean BBQ - Cherry Habanero - Dill Salt & Vinegar - Chipotle Lime - Lemon Garlic Pepper BBQ
Black Pearl was born in Petoskey, MI, and has been handcrafting culinary specialties since 1979 in our family-owned and operated facility in Northern Michigan.

The newest addition to the family is the Ultimate Spice Rubs which have quickly become a customer favorite. Our BBQ-based rubs are handcrafted in small batches and new flavors are always being developed and upgraded in our spice lab.

Made in small hand-crafted batches, our spice rubs are sure to take your favorite foods to the next level of satisfaction. Coat your favorite Tomahawk steak with a nice crust of rub before you introduce it to the flame, transform your roasted vegetables by sprinkling our favorite rub on before popping them in the oven or even try the Cherry, Orange or Lime flavors on ice cream…trust us, it’s delicious! Whatever your culinary vision, kick it up a notch with Black Pearl’s Ultimate Spice Rubs.

Life isn’t boring and your food shouldn’t be either…hope you enjoy our products!