Energy, Hydration & Immune Boosting Liquid Supplements

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Energy Intensifier - Immune Booster - Hydration - Nootropic - Recovery Accelerant
CardoMax is committed to producing the highest quality, liquid-based single-serve supplements featuring clean ingredients.

Veteran created, owned, and operated by two former Navy SEALs, CardoMax was designed to enhance concentration and neuroprotection in the most efficient, convenient way. Designed for portability, versatility, and sustainability, CardoMax was created using the least amount of ingredients as possible and without any needless sugars or chemicals.

CardoMax provides a diverse and wide range of liquid supplements that come in a variety of tasty flavors. The Energy Intensifier is designed to boost your workout with vitamins B3, B6, B12, caffeine and BCAAs and is available in Blue Raspberry and Pink Lemonade flavors. The Immune Booster packets include contents known for decades to sustain and build a strong immune system and are available in Orange and Watermelon flavors. The Recovery Accelerant is chock full of all the good stuff like BCAAs, Creatine, Citicoline and other ingredients and is designed to support muscle endurance and stimulate muscle recovery and is available in Cherry-Lime and Grape flavors.

CardoMax’s single-serve packet supplements provide scientifically proven nutrients to support the optimization of a strong mind and body, enabling you to ACHIEVE YOUR MAX!