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Scrub Caps - Custom Scrub Caps

High-quality 100% cotton medical caps from ComfyCaps by Cindy!

I started this business in August of 2003 at the recommendation of my friend: Dr. AJ Brown. She was a Surgical Resident at Hahnemann Hospital in Philadelphia at that time. She suggested making the caps because she did not like the paper disposable caps that the hospital provided. She thought custom-made caps would be more attractive and fun. As she started wearing her custom caps, other residents and nurses started asking her where she bought them and how they could get one for themselves. Well, the idea has grown more than I thought it would.

I make the hats out of 100% cotton, pre-washed and dried so there is no shrinkage. The caps can be washed and dried in a regular washing machine. Each item is sewn with care and attention to detail with high quality. The Bouffant Caps can be made in different sizes. The Mini-Bouffant has a 17" circle for ladies with short hair. The standard Bouffant is a 20" circle, and I also make a 22" circle for ladies with long or thick hair.