Cooper & French

Traditional Shaving Soap

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High quality traditional shaving soap for the best wet shave around from Cooper & French!

Cooper & French, founded by Minneapolis natives Richard and Stephanie Creger, began with a desire to create a traditional shaving soap that catered to wet shavers in a "one size fits all" market. The couple, living in the vibrant Audubon neighborhood, was inspired to combine traditional soap making with modern expectations, resulting in a product that has become essential in many lives. Cooper & French's shaving soap is a testament to the perfect blend of technical prowess and artful creativity, using tallow and stearic acid as key ingredients.

Wet shaving, a nearly lost tradition making a comeback, provides an opportunity for self-care and an enhanced shaving experience. A great shaving soap, such as Cooper & French's, combined with warm water and a brush, produces a protective lather that softens whiskers and protects the skin, proving to be a game changer for many. Traditional gels and foams cannot replicate a proper wet shave's complex scents and tangible results with a premium tallow-based soap.

Cooper & French invites you to experience their shaving soap, turning the morning ritual into an opportunity to relax and focus on yourself. Their commitment to using only the finest ingredients in small batches ensures a clean shave, smooth skin, and tantalizing scents that can't be found in mass-produced products. They are confident that a shave with their soap is an experience you won't regret, resulting in a more comfortable and confident you.