Diver Down Coffee Company

Premium Quality Coffee Brand Directly Supporting Deep Blue Dive Therapy

  • Veteran Owned

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Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Diver Down Coffee Co. is a premium quality coffee brand that directly supports Deep Blue Dive Therapy Inc., a non-profit dedicated to helping Active-Duty service members, Veterans, and First Responders suffering from PTSD through the amazing underwater world of scuba diving. Our 100% Arabica beans are expertly roasted from a single-origin source, giving you the freshest and best-tasting coffee experience.

The founder and owner, a Service-Disabled Veteran himself, spent most of his adult life overseas, leaving him with PTSD. Being in the water creates a calm isolated environment that has been the best source of coping and combating PTSD for himself and his fellow veteran brothers.

In 2020, Deep Blue Dive Therapy Inc. was just a simple idea to better himself and his close friends. Since then, it has grown from a simple name, business plan, and branding that wholeheartedly captures what this non-profit represents. Diver Down Coffee Co. was born while waiting for further grants and other ways to get the Deep Blue name out there. A product that directly helps fund this incredible non-profit.

Deep Blue is still in its growing stages, and while this may be just another cup of coffee for some, its impact will reach beyond that for those in need of this amazing program. Helping has never been easier. Start your day with some Diver Down Coffee, and know that today will be a good day because of you.