Emerald Coast Tea Company

Small-Batch Wild Harvest Exotic Tea

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Yaupon Tea - Blended Tea - Herbal Tea - Chai Tea - Detox & Wellness
American-made products made from indigenous plants by Emerald Coast Team Company!

The Emerald Coast Tea Company™ is a female-owned, small-batch, wild harvest exotic tea company located in Florida's Panhandle, offering a variety of wild harvest exotic tea products possessing a unique and refreshing flavor. A founding member of the American Yaupon Association, all of our Yaupon tea products are grown, processed, blended, and packaged in the USA. And because the Emerald Coast Tea Company™ wild harvests the yaupon products our tea is made from, it matures untouched by human hands. Our raw product grows wild, free of pesticides and fertilizers; it is truly all-natural.

Yaupon is the only indigenous tea plant in the United States; Yaupon has a longer shelf life than store-bought teas and is almost 40% higher in anti-oxidants than traditional green teas. Additionally, studies have shown that yaupon delivers a lower dose of caffeine - in a more effective way; that does not produce the "jitters" associated with the consumption of coffee or other traditional teas. The Emerald Coast Tea Company™ is proud to offer Mammoth Nation members a 10% discount on all teas.

Custom blends are available.