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Viking Tea & Elemental Iodine

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Elemental Iodine - Viking Tea
Take back control of your body and mind with high-quality Viking Tea from Asgard Farms!

Asgard Farms – Viking Tea
Viking Tea is a Secret Alchemical Remedy of Awesomeness that is known for giving its user profound effects in the body and quality of life while only using Natural Foods.

Having lost my medical insurance, I desperately needed a legitimate replacement for a Cortisone Shot I used to take for my lower back so that I could move, work and function. Through a series of Aces, I came up with what is known as Viking Tea. This was my "Go-to," and now I'm sharing it with You.

Asgard Farms – Iodine
Pineal Gland Detox & Good Health

How can we stimulate the pineal gland? Researchers suggest detoxification and proper nutrition if you want to boost pineal gland function for spiritual or physical reasons. Poor, pesticide- herbicide-laden foods, environmental toxins, and life's daily stresses cause organs, joints, arteries, and the pineal gland to harden or calcify. Calcium phosphate crystals deposits from toxins like chlorine and fluoride (from the water we drink and toothpaste with which we brush our teeth), for instance, build up and eventually become a hardened shell, which our immune system cannot penetrate. Those body tissues become vulnerable, malfunction, or stop working altogether. So how do we boost our "third eye," "seat of the soul," and "God organ?"