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Personal Care - Capsules - Edibles - Tinctures - Terpsolate - Salve, Freezes & Lip Balm

Gold Care CBD is veteran-owned and one of the first retail CBD stores in the nation. We have recently decided to venture online to expand our marketplace. We are among a very tiny sliver in the CBD industry that uses a 100% solvent-free extraction process. This arduous process yields every bit of the plant's goodness and effectiveness yet leaves no harmful residues.

Our Gold Care Online CBD proprietary process has distinguished our products to those customers who have tried other industry CBD products which consequently, by their reports, did not give them the results they expected or were otherwise dissatisfied.

Many of our buyers have discovered the difference Gold Care CBD products have made in their lives and have become loyal and repeat Gold Care CBD customers. We are really encouraged by the success stories we have been told about our products helping those with chronic pain who were reliant on opioids. Many of those customers have shared with us they have been able to effectively reduce the number of pills they take daily and some are now off opioids altogether thanks to their experience with Gold Care CBD products.

We believe because we live by the grace of God, we have been blessed with the opportunity to help others and to be a blessing to others lives as well.