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Doorags - Medical Scrub Caps - Welders Caps - Bouffant Scrub Cap

Fantastic Doorags is a family-owned business that started in 1989. Judy opened her sewing and craft business in a spare bedroom. After several moves, it is now located on the entire second floor of their South Dakota home. Judy was born in Boise, Idaho, just several months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and while growing up, she learned to sew out of necessity. Her sewing business started with handmade animal dolls, which have been sent around the world. One day, a young man asked if she could make a doorag; she laughed and said, “What’s that?” Her motorcycle enthusiast friend helped her by drawing a pattern for her to follow. Since then, she has sewn over 6,000 doorags.

Our doorags are completely hand-cut piece by piece and stitched on all edges before completing the finished product. Fantastic Doorags offers over 200 different fabrics, including military, patriotic, biker, cyclists, food, humorous, animals, hunting, fishing and many others. We make doorags (also known as du-rags, doo-rags or durags), medical scrub caps, welders caps, and bouffant scrub caps for longer hair, which also makes a great head cover for cancer patients who are experiencing hair loss.

Judy and her husband of 33 years have a combined family of 5 children, 9 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. Their oldest grandson is currently an active-duty Marine. We are a proud American family who loves the American Flag and our country. We stand for our great flag and knee only at the Cross.