Fast Strike Defense

Fast Strike Defense

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Fast Strike Defense


Fast Strike Defense was created out of a need for a non-lethal, simple and effective self defense tool for my daughters. This product was invented and designed in the USA and is now manufactured and shipped from my facility in Montana. The FAST STRIKE Whip is easy to carry, simple to use, weighs only three ounces but is incredibly effective at delivering extreme pain in a fraction of a second.

This requires no special training or elaborate techniques to be used effectively. FAST STRIKE can be carried fully extended, coil carried or simply clipped to clothing, back packs and more. The FAST STRIKE tool is an excellent non-lethal first option prior to more lethal options such as guns and knives.

With a simple flick of your wrist or arm, you can deliver devastating and repeated strikes to your assailant. Open areas like hands and fingers can be rendered useless with a single strike. Fast Strike Defense also offers other non-lethal tools such as the FAST STRIKE Window Breaker / Kubaton and Sting Ring Stun Guns.

Fast Strike Defense also carries locally grown Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries in Sealed 7 pound and 23 pound bags.

The Wheat Berries are excellent for survival situations and prepping as they can be used to grow more wheat, Sprouted for Wheat Grass Juicing or ground into flour for baking.

The sealed bags of wheat are excellent long term storage.

FAST STRIKE is Simple Self Defense for virtually Anyone.

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