Police Magnum

Police Magnum

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Police Magnum


Guaranteed perosnal security from a pepper spray manufactured in the USA by Police Magnum!

Safe and easy to use from Police Magnum Police Magnum pepper sprays are proudly manufactured in the USA and contain police-grade OC spray that is used and trusted by several law enforcement agencies and security personnel worldwide. All of our models are made in small batches to ensure every customer receives a full 4-year expiration date with their sprays, in the event you need to use your spray against an attacker you can send us a copy of the police report and we will replace your spray.
Easy to use personal protection from Police Magnum
Highly Effective - A spray of Police Magnum across the eyes and nose of an attacker will stop them in their tracks. They will experience severe swelling of the eyes and force them to shut, being unable to see while having temporary respiratory difficulties. They will be incapacitated for a minimum of 30 minutes, with effects lasting longer. This gives you plenty of time to get to safety and call for help.

Peace Of Mind - A non-lethal self-defense option that does not require a permit and will provide you and your loved ones with a way to defend themselves in a dangerous situation. We produce a wide range of sizes and colors to fit your lifestyle from mini keychain models for discrete everyday carry to large wide-angle 25ft fogger canisters for business protection and extra home security.

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