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Florida's Marque Limited Production Craft Rum

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Flying Gang La Florida Gold - Flying Gang L'Orange Cask Finished - Flying Gang Port Cask Finished


Flying Gang Rum is Florida's Marque Limited Production Craft Rum & The Benchmark of Lasting Impressions. Florida's Rum is Americas Rum!

Flying Gang Rum is a luxury sipping rum that is true to the heritage and time-honored traditions of making rum. We innovate with proprietary methods of fermentation, distillation, aging and cask finishing to create an extraordinary, sophisticated and unique artisanal rum: a truly singular creation

The Flying Gang would challenge an empire and their colonial counterparts would soon do the same. They shared a desire for freedom from tyranny and had much in common, in particular rum. The colonies' production of rum was on an industrial scale until the crown taxed molasses and sugar exports from the Caribbean to the colonies in a series of Acts, culminating in the Stamp Act of 1765. Not only did this lead directly to the American Revolution but to celebrate the victory, George Washington personally ordered that rum be served to all at the first inauguration in 1789. America would not be denied!

The Flying Gang story, however, starts a few years earlier, off the coast of La Florida, when in 1715, the Spanish Treasure Fleet sank during a hurricane. The salvage effort would bring an empire and pirates to Florida's Treasure Coast and culminate with the establishment of the Republic of Pirates in Nassau, New Providence, in the Bahama Islands.

This pirate "government" called themselves the "Flying Gang." Hornigold, Teach (Blackbeard), Calico Jack Rackham, Ann Bonny, and Mary Read to name a few, garnered enormous wealth, established their own codes and governed themselves independent of the colonial powers at the time. Like the colonial patriots, they were an iconic symbol of rebellion.

Please contact us for our distributor information if you would like to add Flying Gang Rum to your spirits lineup at your bar, restaurant or club.