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Grip Glove
From Innovative Adaptations LLC  comes a patent-pending piece of adaptive equipment, the Grip Glove.

Innovative Adaptations LLC was created to generate new ideas and improve existing ideas for the adaptive equipment user community. The company owner is a C5/C6 quadriplegic and is dedicated to providing useful adaptive devices to people who need them to help make their life a little easier.

The Grip Glove is a Patent Pending system that includes the necessary cinch strap to maintain a tight grip around weights or anything else one can fit into their clenched hand. However, there are three areas of ergonomic improvement in the general grip assist concept.
  • Thicker glove body material to provide greater comfort and durability.
  • A removable "Strut Bar" for support to the wrist into the forearm when the arm is tasked with carrying or curling a load can also be pulled out when engaging in agility exercises like the medicine ball toss. Also, two forearm fastening straps help support and transfer the load to the muscles above the lower arm, regardless of whether the bar is engaged.
  • An array of "D Ring" attachment points help bring healthy stress to the muscles at various angles. This arrangement makes it possible to thoroughly and comfortably hold or transfer tension to the upper extremity from bands, free weights, or stacks on cable/pulley systems.
  • The user will immediately appreciate less torque loss during exercises due to the rigidity throughout the forearm and will ultimately be able to apply more reps and/or weight to the targeted muscles with increased control. Whether at home or in the gym, users of this glove will appreciate the strengthening results that help to overcome daily challenges.

A Cultural Change

Within the last fifteen years, a rebellion against atrophy has grown in general but is most prevalent amongst injured Veterans and young people formerly active in sports. Social media and improved adaptive equipment made a significant cultural change in the disabled community. The creation of adaptive gyms, adaptive workout equipment, and sports equipment has also increased to meet this physical improvement initiative.

Innovative Adaptations LLC is proud to get involved with this movement by providing the Grip Glove, and we encourage everyone to improve themselves as much as they possibly can!

  • Made in the USA
  • Helpful to anyone with a need for grip assistance
  • Sold Separately - please specify left or right glove when ordering only one