Eye Coordination Training Tool

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Athletic Training Tool

A best-in-class hand eye coordination training tool from HECOstix!

Awarded ‘Best Coordination Tool’ by Men’s Health Magazine, HECOstix are the perfect training tool for athletes of all age and skill level. The “HECO” in HECOstix stands for Hand Eye Coordination. We seek to provide our customers with an opportunity to improve their quality of life through exercise and the development of their cognitive function.

In 2016, after his team suffered a blowout loss on the flag football field, Josh Broeker (inventor of HECOstix) drove to a hardware store to get ideas for a way to help his team improve their hand-eye coordination. He found PVC pipe, spray paint, and adhesive. Because Josh found traditional training methods boring, he worked to develop the first edition of HECOstix, a spray-painted three-pronged PVC pipe device.

After countless hours of personal testing (a few bloody knuckles, swollen fingers, and car dents as well), Josh and business partner Kevin Stephenson sought ways to make the device more durable and practical. Today, HECOstix are made of soft yet durable EVA foam. What started as a personal development opportunity has now transformed into a best-in-class, low-impact, hand-eye coordination trainer.