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Delicious Sweet & Salty Snacks Since 1953

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Fresh Roasted Nuts - Trail Mixes - Candies - Gifts
Family-owned and operated since 1953, Gurley's Foods custom roasts and packages nuts, snack mixes and trail mixes in Willmar, Minnesota.

Our brand name is Gurley's Golden Recipe because our "recipe" for great-tasting nuts uses a combination of family secrets to create the very best in roasted nuts available. We roast each nut variety in small batches to ensure an even roast throughout. Our in-shell peanuts are still tumble-roasted over an open flame.

Another key difference is we only buy nuts grown on family farms located in the United States (except cashews and Brazil nuts, which need a rainforest to grow). Our packaging, cardboard and all supplies are locally sourced.

"You can buy cheaper nuts, you can buy more expensive nuts, but you can't buy better nuts" – Tom Taunton, Owner.