Halo K Cattle

Pasture-Raised Texas Black Angus

  • Veteran Owned

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Pasture born and bred Black Angus herd managed by Halo K Cattle!

Halo K Cattle is veteran owned and operated by a former Green Beret Texas Cattle Raiser. Our Black Angus herd is raised in North Texas, and they spend their entire life on pasture! We specialize in a true ranch-to-table experience.

You can trust that your beef will be pasture born and bred, humanely raised, free of hormones/antibiotics, and ethically dispatched/slaughtered. Our cattle are never fed animal byproducts and are finished to your specifications. All-natural and Grass Fed and Finished!

We work in concert with the land and manage our herd with an approach to conservation. We utilize a custom slaughter facility that can tailor your order to exact and unique specifications. We specialize in selling 1/4, 1/2, and full grass-fed/finished steers direct to the consumer. Protect yourself from food insecurity and unnecessary handling, surcharges, and additives by securing your own quality beef.