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Unique and sturdy organizing solutions from HANGTHIS UP!


A few years ago we built a yard shed that beautifully matched the appearance of our home. Our concern was that our nice shed would become a mess inside and, of course, it did. We needed a simple "shed organizing system”. I grew up in an ACE Hardware store so I was familiar with conventional hanging and storage methods. Most tend to be expensive and the devices are "one-size-fits-all". The organization often lacks simplicity and is not attractive.

We began to think about creating devices to neatly organize our garden tools. We cut them out of 1/2" builders grade plywood. The result was functional but admittedly a bit crude. A friend offered to cut them out on a CNC router table from premium grade Wisa Birch plywood. Wow...what a difference in function and eye appeal!

When people see the devices, they naturally ask: "Isn't it just plywood that I can buy at my local Home Depot or Lowes?" The answer is — no. Our devices are made from 3/8" Wisa Birch plywood which is a cabinet/furniture grade material. The plywood has 7 layers which yields an amazingly high "strength to weight ratio". It is incredibly durable and blends into your shed space very well.
Unique and sturdy organizing solutions from HANGTHIS UP!
Each of our devices is cut on a CNC router table with beveled edges. The devices are predrilled for ease of install and come with washer-ed mounting screws and a drive bit. It literally takes minutes to install a device with just a cordless impact driver.

Our Conviction: If the organizing was not easy, it would not get done.
Our Method: Get all non motorized equipment off the floor.
Our Goal: Turning your messy spaces, into places you can be proud of!!

We are a family business proudly offering MADE in the USA products from renewable resources that make organizing easy and attractive. We offer a number of devices made for specific purposes such as garden hoses, step ladders, shovels and racks, lawn chairs, and much more.

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