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American-Made Personal Care, Health & Beauty Products

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Full Line of Natural Organic Products for the Whole Family - Nutritional Supplements - Organic Makeup - Organic Hair/Body Products

High-quality, American-made personal care, health, and beauty products from JES Organics!

JES Organics was founded in 2006 by Janis Garrett, R.N. After working many years in the nursing profession, Janis went on to work in the field of medical research.

During her work in research and her own personal journey, she studied alternative health extensively and also the effects of toxic chemicals. Janis is passionate about helping others achieve better health through education, support, and guidance. Janis is also a skin care specialist and makeup artist. Janis has a wealth of knowledge and is available to speak with you by phone or email for your health, beauty, or skin care needs.

JES Organics has a complete line of natural organic, non-toxic personal care, health, and beauty products made in the USA.

JES Organics is a family-owned and operated Christian-based company dedicated to integrity, transparency, and excellence. Our concern is for your health and great results from superior products. JES Organics puts people before profit. We genuinely care about you. It is our mission to bring you the highest quality products possible at affordable prices.