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Wrapping Paper - Die-Cut Signs - Farmhouse - Apparel
Our nation's military is our pride and joy, and we seek to connect like-minded people with the service members, both active-duty and retired and their loved ones at home. We know the wrench a parent or spouse feels when their loved one goes to boot camp, gets deployed, or is away for training. Their heart, and our hearts, are to provide connection, comfort, humor, and, most of all, support for their mission to protect our country with products that are designed with them in mind.

The products at Kelly Jelly Studio are attractive, colorful, and yet dignified. Giving a worried parent or spouse the ability to show her Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Coastie, or Marine they are sending encouragement and support gives us great joy.

We strive to provide products for the whole family with original art, with our Farmhouse Collection, die-cut metal signs in designs only available from us, and a growing Children's Collection of products.