County Line CNC

Steel USA-Shaped American Flag & We The People Eagle

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Coasters - Cutting Boards - Drinkware - Fine Art - Pet Products - Steel, Wool, & Acrylic Products

Amazing customized steel wall art with an American theme from County Line CNC!

County Line CNC is a veteran-owned and operated company based in the beautiful state of Montana.

At County Line CNC, we create products desired by our customers but infused with their personality. In other words, we personalize the product to meet their needs or desires. We also design and manufacture mass produced items. Currently, our main focus is steel wall art with American themes. When you visit our site, you'll see that our breadth and scope is quite wide. We always strive to use American-made materials whenever we can.

We'll continue to add more products for Mammoth Nation members, but because our products are hand-made and hand-finished, it takes quite a bit of time to make each one. For that reason, we're offering our discount exclusively on the USA-shaped flags, at this time. These are cut from 14 gauge American steel and hand-finished on the front and back. We're working hard to make enough to allow us to ship within 24 hours but there may be times when it will take a little longer.

We proudly served our beloved country, as members of the military - Now, we proudly serve you.