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Playing Cards & Book

An easy-to-follow conservative message from veteran-owned Saving America Cards!

Saving America Cards and Book is a veteran-owned company whose products are 100% made in the USA using 100% materials from the USA. Our mission is to make Americans aware of our most pressing internal threats, such as “WOKE” culture, inflation, excessive government overreach, “fake” news, the breakdown of the nuclear family, the Green New Deal, the welfare state, and citizen apathy. These threats are mainly created and perpetuated by cancel culture and hidden political agendas. We then offer peaceful and lawful techniques to defeat these threats.

We offer just one product, an easy-to-read book, “Saving America – America’s Largest Internal Threats and Peaceful Ways to Defeat Them,” accompanied by a customized deck of poker playing cards. The book and cards briefly explore and explain 54 significant internal threats to America, our freedoms, and our way of life. This book is designed to be a simple, easy-to-understand, entertaining, and quickly informative reading experience. The playing cards are a fun way to reinforce the conservative concepts made in the book. They are for Americans that are too busy raising their families, bettering their communities, working, and paying taxes to read volumes of books and sort through agenda-driven news media outlets. The book and cards offer Americans clear and concise information on how America is being destroyed and how they can help Save America!

American survival or suicide is up to us as citizens. The cards and book are for those brave enough to acknowledge the threats, stand up to cancel culture, and stop the destruction of America. It is for those willing to lawfully work hard together, peacefully reverse these negative trends, and keep the American Republic!