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Kids American

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Kids American


We created Kids American to give kids a monthly reminder, lesson, and activity to connect them to America! We live in divisive times where people and schools are too quick to point out the negative. Instead, why aren’t we emphasizing to the next generation that Americans are perpetually working towards a better future? It has always been, and remains, a place of possibilities that rewards hard work, and there is so much to be proud of and excited about being a youth in America!

We want to give kids a feeling of empowerment by reminding them of all they CAN do to make a difference – in their own lives and the lives of others. Simultaneously, we want to remind them of all the incredible feats of our past and the rugged spirit that made America what it is–which is something any kid can take pride in!

Kids American is a monthly subscription box that highlights the values of our great country while celebrating the many capabilities of our nation’s youth! With all their freedoms, education, resources, and ingenuity, kids in America can achieve incredible goals and make a difference in their community!

KIDS CAN: be leaders, start a business, give back, show gratitude, help their neighbors, host a charity event, value our freedom, build community, problem solve, know their rights, support veterans, pursue truth and be PROUD to be AMERICAN!

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