Lux Blox

Building Toy That Replicates Nature's Molecular Design

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Mike and Heather Acerra started to develop Lux Blox as a project with neighborhood kids in their garage/maker-space. They were obsessed with the idea of making a construction system that could do more with less and make things the way nature does.

Mike was an artist and Heather worked in HR, and together they spent five years prototyping their ideas on a 3D printer and testing them with the neighborhood kids. Like many small-business owners, they just started exploring, learning, and developing.

By 2014 they applied for their first patent after discovering a new way of snapping pieces together to make moving, shape-shifting blocks. Lux's ingenious design replicates what nature does at a molecular level, allowing simple to very complex structures to be built.

Lux is 100% manufactured in the United States!

Lux has been featured on shows such as TODAY, Good Morning America, and Fox & Friends and has been nationally recognized with awards, including the 2019 FedEx Small Business Challenge Grand Prize, Parents' Choice Gold Award, Top Toy by the Center for Autism and Related Disorders, called Next Level Legos by New York Magazine, and certified by at the highest level.

Lux was designed to give people a means of better understanding their world through the activity of construction. Lux achieves this by using moving linkages to build things as we find them in our world. This unique characteristic offers natural springboards into a wide variety of subject matter and disciplines. This was the intention of the inventors - to stimulate curiosity, exploration and creativity and to build connections to the world.