Kids American

Themed Boxes & Patriotic Swag Celebrating Traditional American Values

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Patriotic Themed Boxes & Gear

Kids AMERICAN is a small business created by me, a homeschooling mother who wanted her kids to have a strong foundation in this world of confusing messages, negative media, and upside-down morals.

I believe that pride in our nation, along with an acute awareness that our freedom came at an extreme cost to many brave men and women, is essential for a happy, healthy, successful future for our youth. In a time where people are encouraged to feel victimized, I wanted my kids to instead focus on all they are capable of - all that Kids CAN do!

A generation of empowered youth have the ability to mold their futures, improve their communities and become the strong, Truth-seeking leaders our tomorrow so desperately needs. I created lessons on traditional American values accompanied with engaging activities or challenges to make the lessons more concrete for my children.

What I witnessed was inspiring- my kids were becoming increasingly driven, confident, and overall appreciative. They had an entrepreneurial spirit and a host of creative ideas on ways to earn money and give back to our community. Not wanting to hoard these wonderful fruits of our lessons, I created Kids AMERICAN - an online shop with themed boxes and patriotic gear that serve as a launchpad for you and your child/grandchild to learn life-changing lessons together and act upon them to ensure a better future for your child and their community!

Our boxes make meaningful gifts, healthy supplements to public school teachings (or lack thereof!), and great homeschool units! We thank you sincerely for shopping our store!