Award-Winning Non-Permanent Toy Glue

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Non-Permanent Toy Glue
Tripp Phillips is now 16 years old and lives in Georgia with his mom and dad, his sister Allee and their dog Skippy.

While in the 3rd grade in December of 2014, Tripp was entered the ‘International Torrance Legacy Creativity Awards’ competition. In order to win the competition, Tripp had to come up with an idea for a new product, something that had never been made before, something that kids (and some grown-ups alike) really needed. His invention, Le-Glue won the inventions – toys and games category. After that, Tripp won the Pitch DIA Entrepreneur accelerator and went on to be featured in Season 10 Episode 1 of the hit series SHARK TANK.

Tripp, like many other kids, loved playing with building bricks. He played with Lego® bricks, and any other bricks that he could get his hands on! He played with those bricks for hours, making all sorts of new things. He would play in the morning, all day and into the night.

Tripp would get frustrated when the pieces would fall apart. He wanted to play with his toys, not put them on shelves like trophies. Tripp imagined how cool it would be if somehow the bricks could hold together so he could enjoy his creations. (And we’re not talking about the evil Kragle here). Tripp needed some sort of glue that was strong, but could be pulled apart again and again without ruining the blocks the way permanent glue did.

Tripp and his dad teamed up to create Le-Glue. They kept tweaking the formula until they came up with the perfect water releasable glue. One that didn’t damage their building blocks and held strong like glue. The testing process was a lot of fun, building up and tearing down lots of different Lego sets, over and over.