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Lindsey Graham The Patriot Barbie Branded Products

After refusing to comply with the state of Oregon's draconian COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Lindsey was catapulted into the national spotlight. She opened her salon against national mandates and became the iconic voice of freedom, being notoriously labeled "The Patriot Barbie" by the woke mob.

Her public defiance of government overreach was the bold act that opened the nation's eyes. Lindsey Graham is no stranger to battle. In her one-of-a-kind, tell-all journey, she nationally and publicly details both the grind and the glory of her life. Drawing on past experiences and real-world insights, Lindsey invites her audience into an inspiring and enlightening journey. With vulnerability and candor, Graham openly details her colorful and powerful testimony, her fall from Grace, and her fresh start with strong faith and an unwavering conviction, all blossoming from one life-altering moment in 2020.

Her boldness and unapologetic fight gives her fans and followers hope, backbone, and courage to boldly stand up for themselves, their families, and their beliefs in the midst of the tyranny that has become commonplace. Since dedicating her life to activism and freedom fighting, Lindsey has become an encouraging keynote speaker, a regular personality on news outlets, a powerful podcast guest, and an influential leader on all online outlets.

After her viral speech at a school board meeting dressed as a cat in 2022, and her personal battle for women's rights against the trans movement, Lindsey has solidified her place and her voice at the front of the battle lines for women, pre-born babies and moms. She is the fierce, bold, and unapologetic voice for patriots and women across America. As she champions strong men, embraces her family values, and empowers women, she has become one of the most inspiring leaders in the conservative movement.

Lindsey is a national keynote speaker and the author of the book Targeted: One Mom's fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and has a successful online store called The Patriot Barbie Shop. She hosts The Patriot Barbie Podcast, giving a voice to other strong conservatives in the nation. She is an ambassador for Turning Point USA, the Director of Media Relations for Freedom Square, and an influential activist on social media.