Products to Improve Overall Wellness for the Mind, Body + Spirit

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True Wellness is About More Than the Physical Body - It's About Nourishing the Mind, Body + Spirit

Jen Del Giudice, RN and owner of LUXXE | HONOR is issuing a wakeup call to Americans, alerting us to a "perfect storm" of health-damaging toxins that we are soaking into our bodies from thousands of popular skin care products. Leveraging her unique combination of healthcare and beauty industry experience, and her passion for reducing toxins and stress in our lives, Jen created LUXXE | HONOR and aims to build the company into a leading natural products and wellness services company.

As a nurse she witnessed first-hand how these products can wreak havoc on our mind, body and spirit. She is on a cleansing crusade to shed light on the hidden dangers of many of the most used skincare and perfume products and to help people lead healthier, happier lives. She is a passionate entrepreneur, registered nurse, aromatherapist and oncology-certified aesthetician.

Drawing from her deep experience, Jen has designed her L | H hand-crafted natural products and wellness studio on three strategic pillars that drive everything she and her teammates do.

  • Building awareness and avoidance of the pervasive — and dangerously invasive - toxins found in so many skincare products.
  • Teaching clients how to select and apply healthy and clean natural products derived from plants, herbs, flowers, trees, and grass, and which provide surprisingly great benefits. These are the sources of truly essential, healthy oils.
  • Supporting clients with the knowledge and tools they need to decompress, reduce stress, find peace, grounding and focus, and improve their health and overall quality of life.