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Unique Magazine Pouches

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eAMP Patriot - eAMP Challenger - eAMP Enforcer - eAMP LoPro

Unique magazine pouches built for your specific purpose by MCE Digital Armory!

MCE Digital Armory is a Colorado-based company that designs and manufactures Unique and Innovative Shooting Accessories, which are PROUDLY made in the USA from US and Non-Chinese materials. Whether you are merely a sport shooter at the range, a competitive shooter, Law Enforcement, Security Detail or Border Patrol, we offer patented magazine pouches designed for SPECIFIC weapons.

Our patents utilize expandability (add or subtract pouches as you desire), articulation (forms to the body shape to provide comfort and assist with back strain relief and better utilization of belt line real estate), and individual pouch tensioning to accommodate total user preference or need.

  • eAMP Patriot series is designed for the range-based casual sport shooter and is our lightest series of pouches.
  • eAMP Challenger line is for the competitive shooter and features increased exposure of magazines for quicker retrieval and reloads but is not for the EDC crowd.
  • eAMP Enforcer line is for the Law Enforcement Professional and is Duty-Rated for EDC, protects magazines during defensive tactics and foot-chase scenarios and is ambidextrous with a bullets-out design.
  • eAMP LoPro series is lower profile with bullets forward or bullets back and works well on a belt with/without Body Armor or MOLLE carrier.

Our patented line of Picatinny Ammo Mounts (P.A.M.) is available for calibers ranging from .17 HMR to .338 Lapua Magnum and .410 Shotgun.

Currently, we offer over 225 models with new additions regularly. Don't see what you us and we'll review the request! New designs are added monthly.