Montana Emu Ranch

Montana Emu Ranch

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Montana Emu Ranch



Pure oils, pet and livestock products, and 1st aid solutions from Montana Emu Ranch!

Pure and natural from Montana Emu Ranch The Montana Emu Ranch Company, Inc. manufactures and distributes products under the “Montana Emu Ranch” which includes our Pure Emu Oil and Pet & Livestock products. The “Emutrients” brand name includes Personal Care and Nutritional Supplements. We also manufacture a specialty line that includes 1st Aid and Analgesic Type Products under the “EMUgency” and “Emu Plus” labels. We not only manufacture product but we also are a working ranch that produces Emu. We monitor every step of the process to produce the finest quality All Natural Emu Oil based products on the market today. My wife, Penni, and I founded the Montana Emu ranch in 1993 and introduced our product line in 1998. We then incorporated in 2004 along with introducing our Nutritional Supplements.

The Ranch consists of 40 acres located in N.W. Montana of which a portion is dedicated to the production of Emu. They are raised free range in large pens, up to ½ acre, with ample shelter, free choice foods and fresh well water. We handle every aspect of production from our farm. All Emu are fed free choice whether they are baby chicks, yearlings or breeders.
Pure and natural products from Montana Emu Ranch
Emu is very hearty. We never use antibiotics or growth hormones. All animals, including Emu, store toxins in their fat, so it is critical that we feed a very clean wholesome, balanced diet that is totally free of toxins.

As we do the majority of our own manufacturing, we are able to monitor every aspect from emu production to product manufacturing to bring you our line of "All Natural" topical products. We supervise every aspect of production and manufacturing following GMP guidelines. We use absolutely NO petroleum, artificial coloring or fragrance, and no chemical preservatives. Our goal with this line is to provide nutritional balance to the skin while reducing toxicity to the body.

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